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    A voyage of excellence

    Since we set sail 30 years ago, we have made waves of progress in our industry. As a leading Dry Bulk Operator, Victory Shipping has extensive global experience and an established international footprint. We are a privately-owned company that has been in the maritime industry with a reputation for excellence spanning over three decades.

    Our business philosophy is founded on a down-to-earth approach built on comprehensive industry understanding, combined with modern technology and a flexible management strategy that is designed to respond to customers’ needs.

    Headquartered in Singapore with representations in Malaysia, India and the U.A.E., we operate dry bulk shipping contracts around the globe, with an impeccable stronghold in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

    Our Accolade

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    In 2011, Victory Shipping entered the Global Dry Bulk market has since made waves of progress within the industry.

    Equipped with unique market insights and professional relationships with international trading houses, industry, and producers/miners around the globe, Victory Shipping soon made its’ mark, chartering over 1029 vessels to date.
    Our dedicated people and financial standing enable us to assure the quality of service and the fast and flexible responsiveness that our clients have come to expect from us. Our values of transparency and honesty, lead us to clinch many local and international awards and certifications that solidify our growth chapter.

    Moving into the future, our objective is to expand our array of services to include total logistics services which will enable us to enhance shareholder value. With keen business acumen and foresight, Victory Shipping is here to guide you through the high seas to unlock the potential of your business.

    Our competitive advantage

    We currently operate a modern fleet of about 15-20 ships representing a minimum of 1 million DWT on the water at any given time. Our core strength lies in our people, their ability to prioritize your needs and evolve at the pace of your business.

    Our Vision

    To be a global dry bulk ship operator providing reliable and sustainable shipping services to the world at large.

    Our Mission

    Our mission at Victory Shipping is to build meaningful relationships with all our stakeholders with first-class shipping services and act with integrity and honesty.


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    Corporate Social Responsibility

    Our goal is to make positive change within ourselves while supporting and influencing change in others. That’s why our roadmap to CSR strives to create a better world, engaging stakeholders to create long-term value and a sustainable future. This philosophy is at the heart of our operations and is aptly reflected in our company ethics, compliance, health and safety standards.

    Commitment to Society

    The sense of duty to give back to society has always been a conscientious commitment we have kept close to our hearts. We are always mindful of our responsibilities towards our employees, our stakeholders, and our community, as well as the environment, as we ensure sustainable growth in tandem with our corporate values and society’s well-being.

    Our Community & Society

    Our Community & Society

    Victory Shipping has been supporting and will continue to contribute to a broad array of charities, with a primary focus on aiding the underprivileged.

    Our Employees & Workplace

    Our Employees & Workplace

    Our people form the backbone of our company. As they share their drive and passion to fuel growth within the company, we believe in nurturing their personal growth, keeping with good employment practices. Our commitment is to create a stable and healthy working environment that promotes mutual respect, productivity, and diversity.

    Our Marketplace

    Our Marketplace

    Quality has always been the hallmark of Victory Shipping’s service delivery and management systems. Stringent control systems are in place at every level for quality assurance- from the initial raw material stage to the final stage before the products are delivered.

    Our Global Environment

    Our Global Environment

    Victory Shipping continues to make a significant effort in reducing our environmental impact and carbon footprint as much as possible. While the path to eco-preservation may be long and arduous, we will remain steadfast in our commitment to Mother Nature – simply because we believe a greener future is possible.

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